Window Washing for Oceanfront’s Hampton Inn

Commercial Window Cleaning – Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Window cleaning hampton roads va highriseThe Hampton Inn is a staple at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront when it comes to nightlife, good vibes, and good food. When summer rolls around, the area experiences a lot of traffic – both foot traffic and actual traffic. With years of humid, salty air and vehicle emission from thousands of cars that pass through the block, the building’s aesthetics can start to suffer. Some of its effects first start to become visible on the building’s windows.

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Residential Custom Shower Door

Project: Residential Custom Shower Door Installment

Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Completed: October 2014

Job Description:

In October 2014 Pro Window Inc. was contacted to install a custom shower door for a residential customer. The residential customer had recently completed their master bathroom renovation and wanted to top off the remodel with a custom shower door. Pro Window Inc. was able to provide the quality, time frame, and price that exceeded the customer’s expectations.

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Lynnhaven Mall Holiday Lighting Installation

Pro Window Inc is proud to release this time-lapse video of the installation of holiday lights at Lynnhaven Mall. We reinstalled all decorations, lights, and the santa station at center court of the mall. All new wiring was needed to install holiday lighting due to the remodeling going on inside the mall. Grand illumination took place on November 21st of 2014 and was a complete success! We just want to thank all of those that helped make this job happen.

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Lynnhaven Mall Sign Installation

Project: Lynnhaven Mall

Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Job Description: Sign Installation

In October of 2014 Pro Window Inc. installed signs and acrylic panels in Lynnhaven Mall. Our employees worked over night to install over 34 signs and more than 300 acrylic panels under the sky lights. We installed signs in many different areas of the mall including exterior and interior. Check out our Facebook page to view more details and photos of this job. 

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Marriott City Center

Uninstall & Reinstall Automatic Revolving Door

Project: Marriott City Center
Location: Newport News, VA
Completed: September 2014


  • Uninstall
  • Salvage
  • Reinstall


Floor restorations where in progress at the Marriott in Newport News. The contractors on site needed the automatic revolving door to be removed and reinstalled to complete their work. Pro Window Inc was able to uninstall the door, salvage the glass and framing, and reinstall the revolving door in operational condition.

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Hidden Wood: Cleaning & Waterproofing Repairs

The HidenWood – Retirement Community

Cleaning & Waterproofing Repairs


Project: Hidenwood

Location: Newport News, VA

Completed: September 2013


  • Deteriorating EIFS system
  • Failed metal to brick joint sealant
  • Failed brick to brick expansion joints
  • Numerous open penetrations in EIFS causing de-lamination of the EIFS
  • Gaps in roof cap allowing water to penetrate
  • Heavy biological stains throughout building


This property first required a good thorough cleaning to remove biological contaminates before starting any waterproofing. Secondly all old joint sealants were removed and silicone bridge tape was installed over metal-to-metal and metal-to-EIFS joints to prevent major wind driven rain. Finally the EIFS system was repaired, penetrations sealed, and coated within an elastromeric coating to ensure a strong watertight barrier.

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Main St. Tower Wet Sealing Metal to Glass Joints

Main St. Tower

Wet Sealing Metal to Glass Joints

We recently completed a Case Study for a restoration project.

Main St. Tower

Project: Main St. Tower

Location: Norfolk, VA

Completed: February 2013


Over Main St. Tower’s two decades of live, numerous leaks developed as the original caulking failed. Since Main St. Tower is 14-story curtain wall wrapping the entire building, it requires meticulous wet sealing to remedy the substantial leaking that has occurred. Additionally as the project was slated to start the recession hit and the ownership was starting to have major capital concerns.


To ease the capital expenditure a 5-year timeline was established to perform the repairs over a number of phases. Since project progression the occupancy has increased as leaks were fixed and allowed ownership to deploy capital to retaining occupancy. As a result Main St. Tower will have an additional 20 years before any leaks develop giving tenants and ownership peace of mind.

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ECPI Thru-wall flashing

We recently completed a Case Study for a project we completed at ECPI.

Project: ECPI
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Completed: February 2013

  • Lintel corrosion
  • Failed/missing window gaskets & sealants
  • Failed metal to metal flashing joints
  • Failed Nervastral/incorrectly installed waterproofing
  • Poor cavity drainage/thru-wall water damage


Masonry was removed at the top of the window system allowing for remedial actions to take place. All steel lintels were restored and given a protective coating to ensure years of worry free use. Proper thru wall drainage systems were designed & installed to resolve water infiltration problems. All window system leaks were resolved by the use custom silicone boots and new bridge tape joints that would accommodate extreme conditions. Finally a high performance sealant was used replacing defective caulk joints and completing a successful remediation.

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