Hidden Wood: Cleaning & Waterproofing Repairs

The HidenWood – Retirement Community

Cleaning & Waterproofing Repairs


Project: Hidenwood

Location: Newport News, VA

Completed: September 2013


  • Deteriorating EIFS system
  • Failed metal to brick joint sealant
  • Failed brick to brick expansion joints
  • Numerous open penetrations in EIFS causing de-lamination of the EIFS
  • Gaps in roof cap allowing water to penetrate
  • Heavy biological stains throughout building


This property first required a good thorough cleaning to remove biological contaminates before starting any waterproofing. Secondly all old joint sealants were removed and silicone bridge tape was installed over metal-to-metal and metal-to-EIFS joints to prevent major wind driven rain. Finally the EIFS system was repaired, penetrations sealed, and coated within an elastromeric coating to ensure a strong watertight barrier.