Window Washing for Oceanfront’s Hampton Inn

Commercial Window Cleaning – Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Window cleaning hampton roads va highriseThe Hampton Inn is a staple at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront when it comes to nightlife, good vibes, and good food. When summer rolls around, the area experiences a lot of traffic – both foot traffic and actual traffic. With years of humid, salty air and vehicle emission from thousands of cars that pass through the block, the building’s aesthetics can start to suffer. Some of its effects first start to become visible on the building’s windows.

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Window Washing for The Riverfront Shoppes

Commercial Window Cleaning – Hampton Roads

Commercial windows that are exposed to construction areas are prone to accumulating dirt, dust, debris, tape, caulking, sticky residues, and mortar from masonry on the glass and in the window frames. It is important to hire a professional window washing company to properly clean the glass on you commercial properties.

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Holiday Cheer in Hampton Roads

Ever wonder who installs the Christmas decorations on buildings?

christmas2Starting in November, Pro Window Inc began installing outdoor and indoor Christmas light displays at Norfolk State University, the City of Portsmouth, Suburban Asset Management, the Lynnhaven Mall, the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD), and at the United Network for Organ Sharing.

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EIFS Repair

What Causes EIFS Damage & How it’s Repaired

20151215_092335An Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) is a multi-layered exterior wall that’s popular for its ease of installation and ability to insulate and protect a building. EIFS also provides a decorative finish that can replicate architectural styles such as stucco, brick, stone, and siding.

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What Makes Pro Window Different?

What Makes Pro Window Different?

20151216_160725Pro Window is a trusted source for window & glass repair in Hampton Roads, with satisfied customers throughout Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, the Greater Richmond Area and all the way up to Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C. Pro Window is proud to provide customers with an experience that includes:

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Specialty Glass Replacement for Norfolk Hotel

What is Specialty Glass?

casestudy3Specialty glass is a category of glass that can be used to obscure what is behind it, add style through custom shapes, sizes, and textures, or protect what is on the other side, while keeping the ability to let light through. Essentially, it is a type of glass that is designed and engineered to serve a unique purpose or fit customized frames.
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Glass Restoration, Window Cleaning for VA Beach Hotel

Virginia Beach Hotel Calls Pro Window for Glass Restoration

Virginia Beach Window Restoration, Window Cleaning Virginia BeachVirginia Beach Econo Lodge Before Window Cleaning & Restoration

The iconic Econo Lodge Hotel, located on the busy 22nd street of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, welcomes thousands of guests each year. Withstanding hurricane seasons, snowstorms, hot and humid summer days, the effects of being front and center for heavy beach traffic in the summer, and build-up from the salty air and sand that comes with its ocean front location, the hotel was undoubtedly built to last.

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