The Benefits of Having Glass Shower Doors

The Benefits of Having Glass Shower Doors

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your bathroom without a full renovation, consider having a custom shower enclosure installed by one of our glass experts. Having a custom shower door or enclosure comes with many benefits when it comes to space, upkeep, & aesthetics:

Glass Shower Enclosures Save Space

Replacing your bathtub with a sliding shower door or glass enclosure can help open up the space both inside your shower, and outside. By getting rid of the bulky shower linen, the space inside your shower will feel more open, and let a lot more light in! The rest of the bathroom will also seemingly gain more space with a glass shower enclosure.

Our Glass Shower Doors Are Easy to Clean

At Pro Window, we install types of glass that come with a protective coating that helps to prevent mold and everyday wear and tear. If you choose to have your shower enclosure framed, the aluminum that we install is naturally rust resistant. Cleaning your glass shower enclosure can be as easy as using a squeegee.

Glass Shower Enclosures Simply Look Beautiful

Glass shower doors & enclosures make for a brighter bathroom, a brighter shower session, and they look great. Pro Window lets your customize your shower door or enclosure easily & we have a variety of glass options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as clear glass sliding doors, or a decorative privacy glass for your shower perimeter, Pro Window can help.

One Step Closer to Your Dream Bathroom

Pro Window’s glazing specialists have installed a number of custom glass shower doors & enclosures  throughout Virginia’s Hampton Roads & Greater Richmond Areas as well as North Carolina’s Outer Banks. If you’re thinking about upgrading your beach house showers to give your renters that extra touch of luxury, or if you’re looking to upgrade your own bathrooms with new shower doors, give us a call at (757) 422 – 8242 or send us a message here. We can discuss your options & help make your dream bathroom a reality.

Pro Window Prepares to Install Custom Glass Shower Doors

installing glass shower doors

Custom Glass Shower Door Installation – Finished Product

custom shower doors

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