Glass Restoration, Window Cleaning for VA Beach Hotel

Virginia Beach Hotel Calls Pro Window for Glass Restoration

Virginia Beach Window Restoration, Window Cleaning Virginia BeachVirginia Beach Econo Lodge Before Window Cleaning & Restoration

The iconic Econo Lodge Hotel, located on the busy 22nd street of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, welcomes thousands of guests each year. Withstanding hurricane seasons, snowstorms, hot and humid summer days, the effects of being front and center for heavy beach traffic in the summer, and build-up from the salty air and sand that comes with its ocean front location, the hotel was undoubtedly built to last.

This also means, however, that building maintenance is needed every once in a while to preserve an outer layer that serves to protect the building, as well as to market itself to current and potential guests. In order to maintain a healthy exterior, Pro Window highly recommends semi-annual window and exterior cleaning.

Pro Window was tasked with cleaning the hotel’s windows and removing stains that have built up for 10 years. Our professional staff took on the challenge and delivered, restoring the building’s windows back to it’s clear, stain-free state.

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