Main St. Tower Wet Sealing Metal to Glass Joints

Main St. Tower

Wet Sealing Metal to Glass Joints

We recently completed a Case Study for a restoration project.

Main St. Tower

Project: Main St. Tower

Location: Norfolk, VA

Completed: February 2013


Over Main St. Tower’s two decades of live, numerous leaks developed as the original caulking failed. Since Main St. Tower is 14-story curtain wall wrapping the entire building, it requires meticulous wet sealing to remedy the substantial leaking that has occurred. Additionally as the project was slated to start the recession hit and the ownership was starting to have major capital concerns.


To ease the capital expenditure a 5-year timeline was established to perform the repairs over a number of phases. Since project progression the occupancy has increased as leaks were fixed and allowed ownership to deploy capital to retaining occupancy. As a result Main St. Tower will have an additional 20 years before any leaks develop giving tenants and ownership peace of mind.

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ECPI Thru-wall flashing

We recently completed a Case Study for a project we completed at ECPI.

Project: ECPI
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Completed: February 2013

  • Lintel corrosion
  • Failed/missing window gaskets & sealants
  • Failed metal to metal flashing joints
  • Failed Nervastral/incorrectly installed waterproofing
  • Poor cavity drainage/thru-wall water damage


Masonry was removed at the top of the window system allowing for remedial actions to take place. All steel lintels were restored and given a protective coating to ensure years of worry free use. Proper thru wall drainage systems were designed & installed to resolve water infiltration problems. All window system leaks were resolved by the use custom silicone boots and new bridge tape joints that would accommodate extreme conditions. Finally a high performance sealant was used replacing defective caulk joints and completing a successful remediation.

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