ECPI Thru-wall flashing

We recently completed a Case Study for a project we completed at ECPI.

Project: ECPI
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Completed: February 2013

  • Lintel corrosion
  • Failed/missing window gaskets & sealants
  • Failed metal to metal flashing joints
  • Failed Nervastral/incorrectly installed waterproofing
  • Poor cavity drainage/thru-wall water damage


Masonry was removed at the top of the window system allowing for remedial actions to take place. All steel lintels were restored and given a protective coating to ensure years of worry free use. Proper thru wall drainage systems were designed & installed to resolve water infiltration problems. All window system leaks were resolved by the use custom silicone boots and new bridge tape joints that would accommodate extreme conditions. Finally a high performance sealant was used replacing defective caulk joints and completing a successful remediation.