JANAF Office Building Case Study: Norfolk Virginia

Exterior Masonry & Caulking Repairs
Project: JANAF
Location: Norfolk Virginia
Completed: Currently in Construction as of January 2015

Job Description:

January of 2015 Pro Window Inc. began masonry and caulking repairs on JANAF Office Building, a six story steel frame building built around 1965. Last reports of any repairs on the building was caulking repairs over 17 years ago. Once a building investigation was completed, many damages had to be addressed. Around 1965 when the building was under construction, the constructors did not include a vertical expansion joint to allow the building to shift from settlement. JANAF was in fairly good condition for it’s age, by repairing minor damages now building management will save money on costly repairs in the future. Removing failed caulking, repairing cracks in the mortar joints, and creating a vertical expansion joint will now allow the building to shift without causing further damages to the building.