Executive Tower: Norfolk Virginia

Exterior Waterproofing
Project: Executive Tower
Location: Norfolk Virginia
Completed: January 2015

Job Description:

January of 2015 Pro Window Inc. completed exterior waterproofing of Executive Tower. The building owner contacted Pro Window to pressure wash, re-caulk, and apply a coating to the exterior of the building. First the building had to be pressure washed to remove all debris that had been collected overtime. Once cleaned, all failed caulking was removed, replaced, and coated with color matched elastomeric coating.  The exterior coating acts as a watertight barrier against sunlight damages, rain, hail, and any physical damages to the exterior of the building. Caulking only last anywhere between 3 and 10 years depending on the quality of a product. With the materials used on Executive Tower the building can be watertight up to 20 plus years. Please see our Facebook page for more photos and details. www.facebook.com/prowindowinc