Initial Training

All training is performed in house to ensure the highest level of safety.  Courses start in the classroom where all proper procedures are taught and tested.  Once tested everyone is then certified for all hoisting, rigging, and specialty equipment used.  Finally when all of these requirements have been completed, new employees receive onsite training.

Continuing Education Weekly Mandatory Meetings

Compliancy is the only option when it comes to safety.  To ensure 100% compliance, all employees are required to participate in weekly safety meetings to stay up-to-date on the current safety regulations and standards.


Safety Checks

Frequent random checks by Operation Managers to ensure the OSHA safety standards are adhered too. Job hazard reports are developed for each project to ensure all techs are aware of all jobsite specific safety concerns.

Voluntary OSHA inspection

Our company has teamed with OSHA to perform voluntary inspections to ensure all current safety standards are being met.